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At Its All About Journey, we not only make you fit physically but mentally as well. We have combined fitness and habit installation protocol, which will give you the most unbelievable results. Our certified coaches create a personalized program based on your individual requirements.

Personalized to your needs, availability, and schedule. Manual Analysis of Form.

Tailor-made to suit your health history and goal. Picture based Meal Analysis.

We help you accomplish your goals by putting your mind in the right place.


At Its All About Journey, we aim to make you experience ultimate energy levels by putting you into a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

We help our clients with an exercise and nutrition program to live a healthier life. We have helped many clients to heal from the symptoms of PCOD/PCOS and Diabetes.

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Gaurav Pawar, Founder


Our Programs

All our programs are based on the habit installation protocol. Every person is unique. Your mind, body, and soul are unique to you. This is why all our nutrition, fitness, and mindset plans are personalized to be unique to you. Your health is a journey that we’ll go on together. Click here to learn more.


Kickstart Your health journey with our 30-day Group Sessions
  • Group coaching sessions with our Coaches (Mindset, Nutrition & Fitness)
  • Workout Guidance for the entire duration
  • Form corrections via Video Conference

Manifefstation 30

Empower Your health journey with our 30-day Personalized Sessions
  • Private coaching sessions with our Coaches (Mindset, Nutrition & Fitness)
  • Meal & workout monitoring for all 30 days, everyday
  • Form corrections via Video Conference


A 30 Day Journey With Complete Hand Holding
  • 4 private coaching sessions with our Coaches (Mindset, Nutrition & Fitness)
  • Meal & workout monitoring for all 30 days, everyday
  • 12 Personal Training Sessions via Video Call


Install Life-Changing Habits In Our 90-Day Life Transforming Journey​
  • Everything from Reincarnation 30 included (Mindset, Nutrition & Fitness)
  • 36 Personal Training Sessions via Video Call
  • Access to private group coaching activities
The most efficient way to transform your health

Your journey to a healthy life

Making the decision to join Its All About Journey is a great first step towards your health and quality of life. For over 5 years, we have been dedicated to giving people a great fitness experience while helping people of all fitness levels reach their goals.

Transformation Stories

I started my diet almost 3 months back and whatever results I have got are too good to be true.

Before starting my journey with It’s All About Journey, I struggled a lot to keep those extra kilos of weight off, but now the situation is much smoother.

From the 2nd week onwards, I started getting the benefits of the diet. My body fats began to lose. The fat reduction from thighs and belly was so significant that I clearly see a noticeable difference in my body shape (feels like I am a wizard with shrinking power).

These are the physical benefits. Now let’s come to the mental benefits. Honestly, I felt more energetic on the proper nutrition. my energy levels are much higher than what they are used to be. I became more focused & attentive in day-to-day activities.

Also, it helps me become more disciplined, and many of my imperfect, unhealthy habits are just history.

For this magical transformation! Really like to thank Mr. Gaurav Pawar & It’s All About Journey for their constant guidance and motivation & support. Thanks a lot!
Akshay Borude Transformation Its All About Journey
Akshay Borude
I became confident to carry my own skin as it was glowing like never before. Along with the fat loss process of my body, I lost my face fat too.
Physically I lost 5.4 kgs in 21 days, but overall, I cut loose many bad habits. I can now work out for 50 mins. I give my transformation credits to the team.
They not only helped me in my fat loss, but they proved to be a boon for my acne-prone skin too. My hair was healthier, and it also increased my stamina immunization and whatnot.