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Building healthy habits have become all the more important in the post-pandemic world.

Statistics show that at least 50 per cent of people had mental health problems such as anxiety, depression and stress during confinement. 

A productive and healthy lifestyle is essential because if there is no health, there is no life. The way to be healthy is to “live healthily”.

To build new healthy habits, you need to break old ones. You can check out our article on how to break old habits and build news ones titled Habits Installation Protocol.

Here are 5 healthy habits that will make you live healthily.

Eat Clean And Wholesome


Eating clean is like living clean. If you’ve been eating a lot of junk food, it won’t be easy to suddenly switch to eating clean.

However, knowing the effects of having a healthy diet are far more pleasing than the consequences of eating unhealthily, should help.

One can consider too many health and lifestyle aspects while maintaining a healthy diet—for example – cholesterol, high sugar and salts, fatty acids, trans-fat, etc.

Eating healthy not only improves body from inside but also has some magical effects on the outer body.

It makes our skin radiant and has plenty of exposure on it; foods with better calcium levels help strengthen bones, teeth and so on.

Know that dieting does not have to be expensive.

Not only this, but adopting a healthy lifestyle leads to a better mood and removes unnecessary levels of stress.

Stay Hydrated

Water is not merely a thirst quencher but is more than what you could imagine. Staying hydrated is one of the healthiest habits.

It eliminates harmful bacteria from your bladder, releases toxins, cushions the joints and stabilizes the blood pressure. This keeps your organs protected – especially keeping your heartbeats stable.

Building healthy habits such as drinking water loads at frequent intervals can boost confidence and refresh the mind. 

It also leaves one with glowing skin. Intake of water also helps to improve metabolism and aids digestion.

So why not make drinking plenty of water a habit and change our life for good? After all, staying hydrated is a part of healthy living.

Spend More Time Outdoors


Staying in a room for a prolonged period can lead to unwanted levels of stress and anxiety. It also hampers the amount of concentration and productivity that we put in our work.

Always try to take frequent breaks and spend time outdoors with nature or people or yet alone.

Spending time outdoors is also suitable for both physical and mental well-being. Exposure to sunlight increases Vitamin D levels in the body. It helps fight disease, but not to forget to carry a sunscreen while going out.

Also, spending time outside helps improve concentration as we are in direct contact with open-air, stress-free!

Spending time outside does not always mean going for a vacation; it can be a light walk enough to relax the mood and bring happiness.


This healthy habit is often overlooked because it is spoken about so much. Exercise every day. Including physical movement in life can strengthen your body, and provides immense confidence instantly.

Exercising for as little as 20 minutes each day can improve the chances of living longer and protects individuals from many diseases.

We see so many people working out and heading to the gym. It’s okay if you don’t want to hit the gym. You can lose fat with home workouts.

It is okay to be a beginner. One can prep his/her mind and body each day by walking or jogging or doing a mild workout at any time throughout your day.

Exercising also has a tremendous impact on one’s mental health. It prevents the body from stress, anxiety and depression, which is very common these days.

Exercise must be an integral part of your lifestyle.

Love Yourself


The importance of self-love is underrated. We often come under the influence of negative things, which leaves us feeling alone and dejected.

It leads to stress, anxiety and self-hatred. This can lead to more significant problems like depression.

Having positive self-talk is essential to maintain the balance of mind and gain the confidence to rely on decisions. It’s a very important healthy habit.

Self-love comes in various forms like getting a hobby, writing a journal, spending time with the people that make you feel positive etc. 

It is essential to find out what makes you happy and recharged.

Take-Home Message

The Art of Healthy living comes from the habits we adopt. Making healthy life choices lead to peace of mind and contentment, and with contentment comes harmony. Good luck on your journey to start building healthy habits.

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