3 Books That Will Give You The Motivation To Be Healthy Right Now


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“Books are a uniquely portable magic!”

– Stephen King

They change your outlook towards many things by giving you a fresh perspective. Reading a book is more than just adding to your knowledge. It is an experience.

Staying healthy can be a challenge. We found these books to contain a plethora of knowledge that you must have.

Here are some of our best-suggested reads that will give you the motivation to be healthy: 

The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well by Meik Wiking

Motivation To Be Healthy Right Now The Little Book of Hygge Its All About Journey -Its All About Journey
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This book is all about living life in the hygge way. Meik, the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, talks about living life in the Danish way.

This book sold more than a million copies making it new york and Sunday times’ bestseller. It certainly can motivate anyone to be healthy!

This book consists of various pictures, lists, photographs, recipes adding a touch of the “hygge life” on its every page and eventually to your life. 

But what is the meaning of “hygge”? It means living in your most relaxed state and being able to enjoy life in its rawest form. There are many references to cite hygge.

Main Takeaways

Use candles to brighten up the environment around you, create your own little aesthetic things that make your life cheerful, enjoy a book in your own solace and so on. 

It is considered as enjoyment when it is in its purest form without causing any harm to one’s own self. Staring at your mobile screen for the entire day cannot be entertained under hygge. 

Who Is The Book For?

If you find it difficult to enjoy and would like to appreciate the little things in life, you should consider grabbing a copy of this book immediately!

The Telomere Effect: A Revolutionary Approach to Living Younger, Healthier, Longer by Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn and Dr. Elissa Epel

Motivation To Be Healthy Right Now The Telomere Effect Its All About Journey -Its All About Journey
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The telomere effect is a self-help book written by Nobel-prize winning biologist Elizabeth Blackburn and health psychologist Elissa Epel. This book sheds light on the scientific ways of living a younger life in terms of health.

Elissa and Elizabeth explain how we humans are in charge of everything happening inside us and how we can take our well being into our own hands.

The authors have carefully maintained a scientific approach sticking to the book’s theme by using telomeres, which are basically DNA structures attached to the end of our chromosomes and helps shape our genome and protect chromosomes from damage.

Main Takeaways

The book provides us with valuable insight into the impact of our thoughts on our health and telomeres. People with fewer telomeres are believed to have better health and prevention against some diseases and even cancer.

Assisting with this issue, the book also provides better ways of living a healthy, stress-free life and managing the telomeres inside a human body.

Who Is The Book For?

Anyone with a great interest in psychology and working of the human brain should definitely read this book.

The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night At A Time by Arianna Huffington

Motivation To Be Healthy Right Now The Sleep Revolution Its All About Journey -Its All About Journey
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The sleep revolution is a book based on sleep written by Bestselling author of Thrive, and founder of the Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington. It was published late in march 2016. The book is all about rest, sleeping patterns, and how lack of sleep could lead to low productivity and concentration levels. 

She talks about how she prioritizes sleep over anything else. No matter how hectic her day has been and how important it is to have a healthy and aligned sleep schedule.

Main Takeaways

The book tends to improve your relationship with sleep and deals with all the problems regarding it.

She also explains how sleep deprivation, dreams and technologies have a more significant effect on sleep and could carry us to the dark phase if mistreated the power of sleep.

Further, Huffington talks about how overworking is also a sign of insufficient sleep. With the tendency to overwork, one sacrifices their sleep and ultimately ruins their schedule.

The entire book revolves around the concept of suffering from sleep issues like insomnia, bad dreams or lack of sleep.

Who Is The Book For?

Are you an insomniac or someone who wants to study the science of sleep? Then you must definitely consider going through this book!

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