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Mindset, Nutrition and Fitness training which will take you along and make sure you never quit.

Now Be a Better, Fitter Version of You.
Gaurav Pawar Its All About Journey

Hi! I am Gaurav Pawar, the founder of Its All About Journey (IAAJ) and a Certified Fitness Coach. I am a fitness enthusiast and a lifestyle modification expert.

I strongly believe that fitness is a way of life and have been rigorous in my attempt to help people achieve tailored fitness goals.

IAAJ offers a unique blend of workout, nutrition and mindset. I am also a firm believer in the law of attraction and visualization and have helped many achieve transformation by believing in their fitness goals.

IAAJ’s Programs are envisioned with with long-term benefits like hormonal balancing and sustainable health transformation which makes us an ideal solution for your health needs.

   -Gaurav Pawar

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Discover the power of Health at Home
Our program is specifically designed to help you get shredded FAST. Get the most efficient results without leaving your home. Based on a 100% scientific process. Some of the Key Features of our programs are:

We are India’s only brand that provides Nutrition + Workout + Mindset coaching under one roof to make sure that your mind and body are at their best.

Designed to take care of your medical history and body goals. Get foods that are easily available. Make sure that your overall health needs are being met.

Our coaches motivate you to reach your health and fitness goals by tracking your diet, exercise, sleep, mindest, weight, and more. You will be on track and your plan will go smoothly.

Enjoy a full-body workout without leaving the comfort of your home. 

Get your doubts cleared right when you have them from our coaches.

Sneak-peak into the journey


We were really glad to come across interesting questions by customers.

We offer solution to achieve faster and more sustainable health results. 

In our first counselling we understand where you are and create a road map to your goal.

Our program entails equipping you with the right fitness coach to train you, and a nutritionist to provide right nourishment that your body needs.

Our focus on your transformation journey is scientifically researched.

We focus on muscle gain and inch loss based on your body composition.

The simple answer is yes.

Home training can offer many advantages over gym training including loss of inches and get you geared up towards your health goals.

The gym is needed only when you are getting into advanced workouts.

Simply put, we manage time for you. The beauty of our program is all our plans are customizable.

We work rigorously to ensure that you achieve your goal without your schedule being disturbed and achieve the maximum benefit.

At IAAJ we have a range of programs depending on your goal.

For example, if you need to shed some inches our program Reincarnation 30 provides you with just that.

Book our first counselling session so that our team of experts can advice you towards what fits you best.

Our experts know that nourishment is very important.

We aim to provide you with the best diet that is structured around the kind of food you like.

We promise to make the journey fun ad effective at the same time.

Choose Your Perfect Program

A wise man rightly said, “There’s nothing you can’t do if you get your habits right!”.

Our program uses habit installation protocol that instills workout as a part of your daily routine.

Our plans are appropriate if you are putting off workout everyday and find it increasingly difficult to fit workout as a part of your busy schedule.

We’re devoted to making the whole process of Getting Healthy Fun and Effortless for you.

30 Day Advance Habit Developing Program

Kickstart your health journey through our Health Transformation Program
  • Daily Meal & Workout Monitoring so that you are consistent and aligned towards achieving the set goal
  • 12 Personal Training Sessions. Perfecting your technique and form during workouts can help you avoid injuries and improve your physique.
  • Plan revisions based on deep analysis o each step of your journey. We ensure your intensity grows as your body adapts to the change.
  • Customised Video Sessions to get you started on your regime.
  • Our experts are there with you offering 24×7 support
  • Group Mindset Sessions will keep your mind at peace and keep you motivated.

Why think Twice for your fitness?

Get free counseling with our experts to know in detail about our program.