How Did New Year Resolutions Start? 5 Ways to Make Your Resolution Stick in 2021

How Did New Year Resolutions Start - 5 Ways to Make Your Resolution Stick in 2021 Its All About Journey

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How Did New Year Resolutions Start?

Since when did the New Year resolutions become such a huge deal? Turns out, it isn’t the gift of modern Americans as many would likely think so. The ancient Babylonians society is said to have been the first to make New Year’s resolutions, about some 4,000 years ago

How Did New Year Resolutions Start - 5 Ways to Make Your Resolution Stick in 2021 Its All About Journey 1

Interestingly, the year did not begin in January but in mid-March, when the crops were being planted. During this event, they made promises to the deities to pay their debts. These promises could be considered as ancestors of our modern-day New Year’s resolutions. 

The history of New Year’s resolutions pertained in ancient Rome too. Emperor Julius Caesar presented a new calendar in 46 B.C. which declared January 1st as the beginning of the New Year. On this day, Romans would offer Janus sacrifices, a two-faced god and make promises of good behaviour in the year to come.

Resolutions for New Year were also made in the middle ages. Knights would renew their pledge to chivalry by placing their hands on a live or roasted peacock. This annual “Peacock Vow” took place at the end of the year, as a resolution to maintain their knighthood ethics.

Why Do Your New Year Resolutions Fail?

Anyone who has ever set a New Year’s resolution knows how quickly they are broken. It doesn’t really matter how good your intentions are when you make them, these changes often do not stay in your life.

According to U.S. News, reports suggest that 80% of people give up on their New Year’s resolutions by the second week of the second month. Which means most of us can only stay committed just for a month or so. 

Following are some of the many reasons for the failure of your new year’s resolutions: 

Picking Unrealistic Goals

Let’s say that you’ve made a resolution of losing weight; say about 25 kgs. But you want it to happen in just 3 odd months.

Is it really possible? For most people, the answer would be no. Because losing weight takes time and also requires a lot of hard work. 

In this scenario, you might get anxious from the very beginning. Instead of focusing on the journey, you would start worrying about the results of your resolution.

Set an achievable goal and break it into small targets.

Lack of Proper Planning

Believe it or not but a little planning in advance goes a long way towards making resolutions stick.

Ask yourself, “Will I be able to wake up early in the morning for a jog every day?” or “How am I going to avoid junk food and pastries?”

Foreseeing challenges and finding a solution to them is the key to long-lasting success.

Planning ahead can help you figure out how you can tackle many of the problems you would face in due course of time. And that’s a critical fragment of preventing a misstep from turning into a terrible failure!

How Did New Year Resolutions Start - 5 Ways to Make Your Resolution Stick in 2021 Its All About Journey 2

Not Enough Support

We need to accept that no one can accomplish anything without help and support in one way or the other. Maybe a tribe, a mentor or something else, support can come in numerous forms. 

The 3 Best Resolutions Your Body Will Thank You For

“I Will Go For a Walk Everyday”

Brisk walking, even for just 15-20 minutes a day, can improve your blood circulation, lift up your mood, and enhance sleep. You can start off with a 10-minute walk to get yourself going.

You can use one trick to know if you are walking briskly enough or not by singing songs that are playing on your buds or earphones occasionally. Don’t walk so fast that you start panting after your walk is over, maintain just the right speed!

How Did New Year Resolutions Start - 5 Ways to Make Your Resolution Stick in 2021 Its All About Journey 3

“I Will Cut Down on Sweetened Beverages”

Cutting down on sweetened beverages is an apt resolution considering that sugary drinks can increase the risk of obesity, fatty liver, insulin issues, and cavities in both kids and adults.

Even though you should immediately stop consuming these kinds of food items as they are extremely dangerous to your health in the long run, gradually lessening your intake may help you kick start your resolution for good!

“I Will Learn How To Cook”

It is the need of the hour that every individual must know cooking. Especially with the new mutant of coronavirus being around the corner! Research confirms that people who cook more meals at home live healthier lives than those who eat outside food!

You can start by making breakfast, and then you can gradually move on to making lunch and dinner.

5 Ways To Make Fitness Resolutions that Stick In 2021

How Did New Year Resolutions Start - 5 Ways to Make Your Resolution Stick in 2021 Its All About Journey 4

Here are some of the tips and tricks by which you can make your resolutions work.

1. Set small and specific goals

Imagine you decide to give up drinking liquor this year. Rather than setting a goal of giving up alcohol, try to set a goal of having one less glass alcohol every week. In this way, you can quantify your goal.

2. Stay focused, and motivated.

Having setbacks in your fitness journey is quite common, and you should not let it get to you. A strong source of motivation can definitely help you in overcoming these setbacks. These include your family, friends and fitness trainer.

3. Smart Diet Plan

Let’s be honest here – we all need a cheat sheet. Stop making extreme diet plans which are almost impossible to follow. What really matters for fat loss are you being in a caloric deficit. 

Just keep your focus on overall calorie intake for the day and adequate amount of protein. Eat the food you like only at times, and stay far away from junk food.  

4. Don’t try being a perfectionist.

As they say, “failures are stepping stones towards success.” Don’t give up if you fail to achieve some of your sub-goals, don’t beat yourself up. We all are allowed to have off-days, but once it’s over, get back on the track. 

5. Hire a Fitness Coach

Just imagine that you want to be a chef, would you try all the recipes on your own? No right? The same thing applies to your fitness journey. Instead of trying all the methods of getting fit on your own, work with a trainer. Choose someone who has a good track record of providing results.

Take-Home Message

A new decade has begun; make sure that it makes you a better person and a healthy one.

Remember that if you change nothing, nothing will change.

Start taking baby steps towards your fitness goals.

Time and health are two things that we don’t respect enough sometimes until they have depleted. So, try to make the most of the year 2021, not forget by keeping an eye on your diet and body!

Let us know what resolutions have you made for the New Year in the comments section! 

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