5 Most Powerful Techniques to Make Your Affirmations 10x More Effective

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Work deadlines, constant phone dings, office politics are always at the forefront of our mind vying for our attention, often distracting us from focusing on our mental health. This constant pressure affects our self-belief, and negative thinking paves its way, ruminating on things that haven’t gone well. However, recent research has found that our brains are incredibly adaptable, and positive thinking can help us counteract negative beliefs.

Affirmations are a form of positive thinking that puts the saying into practice. This self-help strategy assists you in overcoming self-doubt, self-sabotaging thoughts, and fear. They embody what you want to become, so you stop wishing and start making it happen.

There is a general misconception that affirmations don’t work. Well, in that case, you might not be adopting effective techniques to make them work. Imbibe these powerful techniques to make your affirmations work for you and faster of course.

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Shun The Ambiguity

Affirmations tend to provide the most benefit when they revolve around specific tasks and realistically achievable goals. Never write a vague paragraph and confuse yourself with way too many unrealistic expectations. Make your affirmations feel natural so your mind can visualize the results effortlessly.

Unambiguous affirmations have an undeniable effect on the human brain. To encash this effect, make your affirmations specific and measurable.

For example, avoid affirmations like, “I am a millionaire” when that is not the case. Instead, say, “I am working to double my income over the next 6 months.”

The key is to avoid dramatizing your affirmations and aligning them to your current life goals, reinforcing them in your mind.

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Sync Your Affirmation With Actions

It is a fact that positive thinking is one of the first steps towards positive action– but positive thinking alone won’t do the trick.

Think of it this way – If you are constantly affirming to gain financial abundance, but all you do every day is laze around and be a couch potato then it is all in vain. Instead, if you affirm every day and work on those affirmations religiously, then there is no looking back. Show up daily and make actions a part of your daily routine.

Remember that positive thinking alone won’t suffice if you don’t pair them with rigorous actions.

You need to constantly train your mind and hard-wire it so that it strives to convert your affirmations into practice delivering exponential results.

Imagine adding fuel to your vehicle and expecting it to drive by itself? That makes no sense, right? It is the same case with doing your daily affirmations without taking any action to further its impact.

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Choose The Right Time

Reciting your affirmations at certain times of the day can help them sink in more easily. This holds true because our subconscious mind is most active at specific periods during the day.

Now which are these specific periods?


When you’re coming out of a sleep state.


When you’re winding down and dropping out of your busy, conscious state.

During these periods, your brain is in the receptive theta brainwave state that makes it more impressionable to affirmations.

Experts also recommend being in a meditative state when you practice affirmations. The reason being, during meditation your subconscious mind is at its most active stage, so your affirmations will inevitably be more effective.

Pro tip: Start doing your affirmations during meditations or yoga class.

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Internalize The Message – Speak, Listen And Write It Down

Studies suggest that affirmations are more effective when spoken aloud. Speaking them out loud helps you increase their power and make them work faster. Actively voicing your affirmations makes your brain internalize the message rather than just repeating them in your mind-space.

Another crucial step is to record your affirmations and listen to them with a calm mindset. Don’t just binge-listen them, put your energy out into the universe to radiate a sense of positivity and resilience.

Whenever you handwrite something, you develop a better conceptual understanding of what you’re doing. In other words, your brain has to mentally engage when you write, which it does less of when you type or simply read through.

As you write down your affirmations, you tend to check in with yourself. You are constantly in touch with your greatest dreams and insecurities. You know your place. Depending on how you feel, you can tweak your affirmations, erase them, or write new ones.

This technique might seem unnatural at first, but once you get past the awkwardness, you’ll start tuning into the confident side of yourself. And this side is going to make stuff happen!

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Practice Visualization

Complement visualization with your affirmations, so that it makes them feel more realistic, stimulating your brain to take action. A visual image of your desired reality is much more powerful than mere words scribbled in a notebook.

For example: If your affirmation is “I am working towards my dream life”, then dig deeper into the nitty-gritty of it. Visualize the components included in your dream life. They can be monetary expectations, immaterial things, or even spending time with your loved ones. Visualize it and say it out loud every morning.

Feel your affirmations, hear them, taste them, smell them– completely engage with your affirmations. Visualize and sense minute details of the affirmations to make them more effective. This puts energy behind your words while giving you a clearer picture of what you’re working towards. This technique will also empower you to manifest the reality you deeply desire.

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Take Home Message

Through affirmations, you can heal, grow and have the most successful and rewarding life possible! However, this success-tonic requires the implementation of effective techniques to get the desired results.

Harness the power of visualization, intentions, and actions. Set these practices on top of your priority-list to make your affirmations 10x more effective.

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