7 Mindfulness Habits You Can Practice Every Day (+Cheat Sheet to Hack Happy Chemicals in Your Body)

Mindfulness Habits Its All About Journey
Mindfulness can: create space for ourselves, relieve stress, reduce heart diseases, improve our performance in daily activities, and control blood pressure.

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What are Mindfulness Habits?

Mindfulness is a very natural quality that all of us have. It’s boundless and prevails in every moment we live with our whole heart and soul.

What is mindfulness, though? It’s the art of becoming more aware of the situation you are in. Without getting distracted by the things going around you. In simpler words, it means to give your undivided attention to the moment you are in.

Most people are not aware of the word ‘Mindfulness’ until they board the ship of – uncertainty, agony, and anxiety. It cannot be denied that life has also become demanding over the years, something that makes you run from one moment to another without acknowledging it.

Mindfulness habits can: create space for ourselves, relieve stress, reduce heart diseases, improve our performance in daily activities, and control blood pressure.

How to Practice Mindfulness Habits?

Sit in the morning and observe

There is absolutely no better time than an early morning to practice mindfulness habits. A simple and quiet morning is second to none in the world.

Instead of rushing on to your daily activities after getting out of bed, sit there for a while, and be thankful for all the blessings you have in your life.

Forget about all the things that are going to happen or have happened, and just sit for a while in the sheer magic of quietness.

While mindfulness might come across as a pretty easy thing, it really is not that simple to carry out at each and every moment.

Go Outdoors

Mindfulness Habits Its All About Journey

Spending a little time with Mother Nature can be another way to practice effective mindfulness. It’s not always necessary to go into the wilderness or a getaway to experience it.

All you need to do is take a blissful walk in the hoods to connect your soul with nature and be completely alive at the moment.

Observe and listen to the things that are happening around you; the birds’ chirping, the weather, the smell of flowers, and a lot more.


In a way, mindfulness is a part of meditation. Just like in meditation, you take time to connect with your mind. In mindfulness, you take time to connect with the present moment.

It requires some amount of time to practice controlled breathing and wither out the distractions, but it can be helpful to you in numerous ways.

It also helps in stress management and relaxation.

Focus on one thing at a time

The thing about multitasking is that one needs to realize that we – as humans, can remain completely and whole-heartedly focused on a single task at a time. Else it just becomes a “jack of all trades” situation.

When you finish your task, take a long deep breath and then move on to another one.

It will not only improve your performance but also help in staying calm and composed all the time.

Confront Feelings

Practicing mindfulness means you must stop investing your energy in holding back your feelings now and then. Set your soul free and be the way you are.

Accept that what you feel is completely organic, and walking away from it will do you no good. Address every emotion by naming it. The negative ones are anger, guilt, envy, disappointment, hurt, or resentment.

After all, you cannot correct or amend what you cannot confront, right?

Be Creative

Being creative is one of the finest ways of practicing mindfulness. It enhances your thinking capabilities, widens your perspective about life, and also brings the fun side out of you.

Art and creativity are often considered an important method of self-therapy. This way, your perspectives are broadened; you are more open to new ideas, and mindfulness becomes your habit.

Engage in Physical Activities

Obviously, when we do something that we enjoy, we pour out our heart into it. And that’s what mindfulness means.

By engaging in physical activities that you love to do, you gain the ability to concentrate on a single thing. This ability can be reused in other areas of your life.

Cheat Sheet to Hack Happy Chemicals in Your Body

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Dopamine: The Reward Chemical

  • Complete a task
  • Engage in Self Care activities
  • Eat good food
  • Celebrate little wins

Oxytocin: The Love Hormone

  • Play with a dog or a baby
  • Hug your family
  • Meet your friends
  • Give Compliments

Serotonin: The Mood Stabiliser

  • Meditate
  • Go for a Run
  • Expose yourself to Sun
  • Walk in Nature
  • Go for a Swim
  • Ride a bike

Endorphin: The Pain Killer

  • Laughter Exercise
  • Essential Oils
  • Watch a Comedy
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Exercise

Take-Home Message

When you concentrate on your present and let bygones be bygones, you will soon realize that any external factors can no longer control your mind.

You will feel a new kind of happy life that would take you a longer way.

Try out a few of these mindfulness habits for yourself and see for yourself what you can manifest in your life!

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