Founding Journey Master

Gaurav Pawar

I am a certified Personal Trainer & Sports Nutritionist. I’ve completed my certifications from K11 School of Fitness Sciences, which is a PD – Approval accredited fitness training school recognized by the Register for Exercise Professionals India (REPS).


I’ve got 4+ years of experience, and I want to change the misconceptions in the fitness industry.


My goal is to make healthy life a thing of every household and Its All About Journey is how I wish to achieve it.

Fitness Journey Master

Rutvik Chavhan

I’ve joined Its All About Journey because I can work on dream of making people fit & healthy.


I am a registered exercise professional and a K11 School of Fitness Scienes certified personal trainer.


I am having knowledge of bio-mechanics & will make you a    functionally independent.


My goal is to make every person fit & healthy, keeping them away from health risks, so that they can enjoy their life as they enjoy in their 30’s

Nutrition Journey Master

Mallika Vyas

Its All About Journey is a place where you will be inspired and can become an inspiration for others.


Food which makes me healthy, can make you healthy as well. We all are humans, we all need correct nutrition.


I want to grow with my organisation (IAAJ) as a Top Nutritionist, as like a world famous organisation.

communication Journey Master

Ruchita Sakhare

Why am I a part of its all about journey?

Everyone wants to make fitness a habit. Manifestation 21 is the best option to develop this habit. The services of mind setting along with fitness is something different. This definitely helps to achieve our goals.
I want to motivate everyone to experience this wonderful journey of Manifestation 21. I want to help them to become better version of themselves and inspire them towards a healthy lifestyle.
Communication Journey Master

Amisha Sharma

Its All About Journey is a place where I see my skills being appreciated and growth opportunities are humongous.


I love motivating people towards leading a healthy lifestyle.


I set high standards for myself in the future, looking at the positive changes that we bring in people’s lives. My goal is to make the best of this opportunity and channelize my skills to improve as many lives as possible.

Communication Journey Master

Nupur Mate

I am here to learn more about functioning of a company and to gain knowledge about service sector.


I help people in choosing the best fitness journey for themselves

I want to have excellent communication skills and know how of business.

Content Journey Master

Pooja Sahgal

Its All About Journey gives me ground for my future career goals.

I’m a nutritionist, a fitness enthusiast with a way around words.

My future goal is to educate and to inspire others into healthy living, both mentally and physically.
Design Journey Master

Rushibhi Deshmukh

I am a graphic designer and I have been working for 2 years in this field and I love the experience.

I design marketing and branding creatives for Its All About Journey.

I like to work with them because their work is trustworthy. They inspire youth to be fit and fine and as we all know fitness is the need of today’s generation.
This is what I always wanted to inspire people and I love to be a part of the team.
Business Journey Master

Sidhant Kisshor

At Its All About Journey, we are doing something that is nothing short of magical – we are transforming lives and I am humbled to be a part of the process.


I look after the operations, both front end a back end, provide solutions and look at the scalability of this beautiful organization.


With the quality of service we provide, I’m sure we have great heights to touch and help serve people even better.