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A good company is not that which serves its customers the best. A good company is where its employees are happy.

A healthy outside starts from the inside

Pillars of IAAJ

Gaurav Pawar

Founder and CEO

Amisha Sharma

Communication Journey Master

Sidhant Kisshor

Business Journey Master

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The Journey Masters

Rutvik Chavhan

Head of Workout Journey Masters

Mallika Vyas

Head of Nutrition Journey Masters

Laxmi Ramdasi

Creative Journey Master

Pranay Potwar

Workout Journey Master

Dhara Vadhan

Nutrition Journey Master

Prasad Kedare

Administrative Journey Master

Faiyaz Mulla

Workout Journey Master

Pranit Palav

Workout Journey Master

Aniket Jadhav

Nutrition Journey Master

Abhilasha Singh

Nutrition Journey Master

Ritu Yousuf

Mindset Journey Master

Prathamesh Kulkarni

Video Editor

Samyak Sonone

Workout Journey Master

Saikat Mukherjee

Workout Journey Master

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