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At Its All About Journey, we treat our clients like the royalty that they are.

Through our services, we aim to give back control to our clients. We help them get their habits back in line.

Its All About Journey assures to guide you in the pursuit of health and fitness and inspire you to become the best version of you: inside out.

You will look and feel your best, while you take the world in their stride.

Our Premium Services

At Its All About The Journey, we work on your mindset as we truly believe in the power of habit. We aim to combine fitness with the habit installation protocol for best results.

Workout Customization

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Workouts are designed to give you support and inspiration to accelerate your motivation.

With our training videos and sessions showing the latest techniques for inside and outside of the gym, customised workouts based on your goals, you can mix up your routine to keep every session interesting.

Our fitness experts will guide you to achieve your goals, giving you the focus and motivation to get the result you’ve always wanted.

Designed with the flexibility to complete at home or in the gym, and you choose when to train. 

Once you have completed the workout your effort will be logged ready to analyse at a later stage.

Nutrition Customization

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Fueling the Trend

There’s no denying that today’s consumers expect personalization in every aspect of their lives—whether it’s artificial intelligence-based recommendations from Netflix or Amazon, designing our own pair of Nikes or Levis, or devices that track every move we make. Personalization is a trend that is here to stay.

Our meals are tailor-made to your body’s needs and are based on the most accurate science.

We are often confused about what to eat and when to eat it.

Since the dawn of time, we’ve been asking what foods are right for us. Despite all the diets out there, the reality is that there’s one prevailing question: ‘what foods are right for me?’

Enter the age of personalized nutrition where we at Its All About Journey helps you decide what food is right for you—not only for weight management but, more importantly, to manage our overall health and wellness.

Mindset Sessions

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We help you accomplish your goals by putting your mind in the right place

A coach doesn’t have all the answers but has the skill of asking powerful, intuitive questions which facilitates the client in seeking their own answers from within, the client is in the driving seat when it comes to coaching and the results depend on the actions taken by the client.

When someone is living a pattern, of self-destructive behaviour, and are resistant to breaking that pattern, a person may be a strong candidate for coaching because the opportunity for improvement exists.

Mindset sessions can make the client realize what their behavior is costing them.

If someone does find the process worth engaging in, we help them paint a picture for themselves, an attractive, desirable one.

This process might seem tedious, challenging and overwhelming but we can help by making things work in the client’s favour, we come up with an action plan that can be implemented immediately.

Daily Challenges

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Our challenging structure doesn’t let you get bored while getting healthier. Here are 5 reasons why daily challenges are needed:

1. As a guide to reaching your goals. These daily challenges will encourage you to reach your goal through small, daily steps. Achieving those smaller goals will affect how you handle the longer-term goals.

2. To help motivate you. Challenging yourself can motivate to break old routines. The daily challenges are motivation to create changes you want and to make improvements in your life.

3. To encourage self-connection. Trying something new gets you out of your comfort zone. Challenge and encourage yourself, celebrate the small victories each day.

4. To help with overall well-being. The small actions you take each day encourages you to make a lasting change in some aspect of your life. Those actions can be related to health and wellness changes.

5. To provide personal growth through empowerment. Personal growth happens when you stretch beyond the limits you have set on yourself. Each time you do something you didn’t think you were capable of is empowering. And that experience adds to your knowledge and skillset.

What change do you want to make?

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