Spot Reduction Fact or Myth?

Spot reduction fact or myth?

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Question for all the folks out there. 

Which area of your body are you most conscious about and would like to change through spot reduction?

a. Shoulders and arms. 

b. Bust/ chest. 

c. Waist / tummy

d. Buttocks/ hips.

e. Thighs /calves


There is some news for you – spot reduction is a myth. The theory that exercising for a particular muscle will help you lose fat in that region is not true. Fat in actuality is lost around the entire body somewhat proportionately through proper exercise and a balanced food intake. well much of it is subject to individual constitution and genetics as well. 

Some people tend to carry fat proportionately while other people tend to store fat in different areas of the body such as belly, thighs, buttocks and back, this can be attributed to gender, age, genetics and lifestyle. 

Let’s look at it in this aspect. Mr. Anand is 5’ and 99kgs yet is fit and has a proportionate physical appearance. it could be attributed to genetics + a healthy diet + regular exercise and the type of ’somatotype’ he falls under. Ecto meso or endo. (that’s a completely different discussion though). He regularly eats salty treats for breakfast and a desert after each meal. His wife Mrs. Anand is also 5’ and around 70 Kgs, she is constantly claiming to be on a diet and curbs her meals yet appears unhealthy with excess weight around her waist and buttocks. This is a very simple example of who you are when it comes to body types and sometimes there is nothing you can do to achieve the body of people from show business. Its best to love yourself for what your body type is and stay healthy. 

Once you are aware of the lengths that you can take your physical appearance, it’s time to begin the journey into fitness. with realistic expectations and a habit forming protocol which will give you an overall routine based on your individual circumstances and requirements. Let’s draw from the previous example. Mr Anand though might appear very physically fit, could be looking at heart disease if he only relies on genetics for his appearance, and Mrs Anand can be the same weight yet different in measurements provided she follows a fitness regime which is unique to her. 

The three things that are crucial to your wellbeing would be 

  1. Mindfulness – to have a great mindset 
  2. Diet – this isn’t starving or limiting. it’s merely ascertaining what foods work well for you and portion control. 
  3. Exercise – unique body toning programs for each individual are different. 

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