Which is better? Sleep Quantity or Sleep Quality?


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In today’s fast-paced world where everyone wants to make it big and achieve success by multitasking, we all tend to neglect one of the most essential parts of our lives, which is sleep.

There is a social stigma that exists in the modern world which categorises sleep as a hindrance to productivity and a task best left to the weak and lazy. This is absolutely untrue.

Sleep is not only important for our daily productivity but an imperative and non-negotiable requirement for every individual’s well-being. Unfortunately, sleep deprivation is soon becoming a global crisis as cases of insomnia are higher than ever before.

The focus on getting sufficient sleep and rest should be as important as acing your life goals as the two are definitely interrelated and complement each other.

Now there is a heated discussion about the greater importance of quality of sleep rather than quantity of sleep. Some groups believe that concentrated hours of deep sleep would be much more beneficial since there is a risk of oversleeping, which brings along its own negatives.

This is based on some recent studies that have shown that 5-6 hours of deep sleep usually does the trick when it comes to keeping up with a fast moving work environment.

Although, one should keep in mind that these studies were highly subjective.

While, other groups, the traditionalists stand by the age-old belief that 8 hours is the sweet spot of good sleep, since it’s been followed and stood the test of time, and directly relates to your own longevity in the long run.

However, the debate over the importance of quality and quantity, is a rather redundant one since the real focus should be in eliminating those factors that disrupt your sleep and allow you to get the right quality as well as quantity, because why not both right?

Neither quality or quantity is singularly most important, but the two should work in tandem to give you balanced sleep that aids in your peak performance and mental health.

Having high ambitions and plenty of life goals to achieve is great but is it worth pursuing such high ambitions when it comes at the cost of your personal, mental and physical wellbeing.

Food for thought…while you take a nap.

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